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Main Activity

Plasma cutting systems - Hypertherm
Fume extraction - Donaldson
CNC machines - MGM


Plasma cutting consumables - OEM HYPERTHERM, Kjellberg, ESAB
Autogen cutting consumables - Messer, GCE, ESAB
Fume extraction systems - Donaldson, Kemper, Coral
CNC machines repair, maintenance, upgrades - MGM, Messer, ESAB, Microstep, Edge, Robotronic
Nesting software - SAPS ProW, Omniwin, ProNest
24 hours reaction time -Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russia

Installation Examples

Hypertherm PowerMax125 air plasma system

Omnicut machine with drilling and threading

Omnicut machine XPR 300 Water Inject

Omnicut - mild steel thickness 200 mm, 2 torch piercing

Omnicut with Bevel XPR 300 - thickness 30 mm and bevel 45 degree

Omnicut with XPR 300 - mild steel cutting Donaldson air filtration

Omnicut stainless steel cutting with piercing - thickness 40 mm, Donaldson air filtration


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